The following services offered to our members provide an opportunity to benefit from professional industry expertise and to deliver the best possible outcome.


Dedicated business consultants

  • BDM's with over 100 years combined experience in the gaming industry offer unique perspectives. We use our extensive knowledge to help interpret data which greatly assists in achieving your venues different needs. Statistical analysis helps us decipher information and provides you with confidence in our business decisions
  • Mentoring, business and gaming analysis and reporting
  • Access to our database listing of preferred suppliers with competitive rates as all products purchased are at a discounted price due to our group buying power and because we are a not-for-profit organisation savings achieved are passed on to you, our members.
  • Project management of top ups, product upgrades and gaming room refurbishments and requirements
  • Experienced loyalty and gaming specialists to assist with marketing and promotional ideas
  • Regular venue visitations and meetings assisting management and staff in any area required


Training, development and mentoring

  • Face to face staff training and seminars to guarantee staff have all the knowledge available and required to both understand and implement all regulatory programs
  • Mystery shopping (secret shoppers) in bistro and gambling operations to provide fresh eyes and fresh insight on customer service and satisfaction. Detailed reports and feedback that help better understand staff strengths and identify areas for improvement and reward
  • Network resources for staff to utilise


Compliance & legislation

  • Comprehensive assistance to Frontier members covering broad topics such as RSG, regulatory compliance and Support. We assist and audit member venues with a range of regulatory and compliance requirements resulting in reports and recommendations
  • All of our staff are dedicated to compliance and regularly communicate network advices to be ahead of any changes or updates in legislative and compulsory requirements
  • We provide advice and/or training on VGCCC, Austrac, AML/CTF, RSG, RSA, Self exclusion programs and privacy policies. As well as liaise with many regulatory bodies and experts in the industry.
  • We are committed to be responsible and sustainable in the delivery of our gaming services, our Responsible Service Code of Conduct and our AML/CTF training.


Promotions & Branding

  • Marketing tools and support
  • Access to Frontier's library of 'off the shelf' promotions complete with venue brief, terms & conditions and mechanics designed to suit each individual venue
  • Detailed venue mechanics for promotions and help with implementing to staff
  • Fully managed large scale network promotions, prizes have included a Lexus car, $50,000 cash and a trailer loaded with goods
  • Guaranteed seasonal promotions such as Footy Fever, Christmas, Winter Warmers, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Spring Racing, Valentines Day and Easter. Promotions specifically designed as a Membership drive and/or loyalty incentives.
  • Annual marketing plans
  • Social media marketing plans
  • Guidance with creating brand awareness
  • Education of club membership systems, how to attract new members and increase your rate of club membership
  • Sourcing of prizes with competitive prices due to our buying power as a group
  • Delivery of point of sale and prizes direct to your venue
  • Graphic artwork design for both digital and printed marketing material. Delivered to your venue at cost price

Break and Fix

Technical Support

Frontier currently offers around the clock technical support through our major partner giving members peace of mind to know reliable back up assistance can be called upon at all times. With extremely competitive rates and outstanding group pricing, we have the following services at our disposal

  • We offer around the clock technical support giving members peace of mind to know reliable back up assistance can be called on at all times
  • Our reliable break and fix services include 24/7 Technical support
  • Emergency loan replacement of gaming machines to ensure you have 100% EGM game play and you never have down time on your gaming floor
  • EGM install
  • EGM Repairs & maintenance
  • Pre-Commitment  & Loyalty installation service
  • TITI installation
  • EGM Deployment activities, paperwork and bookings completed by Frontier staff ensuring a smooth and seamless process


Latest Products and Expert Game Information

  • Regular communication on the latest products and game information ensuring venues are kept up to date
  • TITO Supply and service
  • Presentations and updates with gaming suppliers
  • We can analyse your floor and machine mix and offer suggestions with business plans. We consider many things. What current products are popular in your venue? What return to player RTP should  you have? What denominations are working? How many lines should your games have? What does your closest competitor/s have? What would be an appropriate point of difference? What is popular in the network?
  • To understand your venue type, customer profile, your current product performance and then compare to competitors by using our intelligence from already existing venues within our Frontier member network to help make better informed choices with product selections
  • To help with venue profiling first we need to best understand the type of Sporting Clubs, Social Clubs and Pubs/Hotels that each venue is, also taking into consideration whether your venue is country or metro. Each is extremely important as each venue profile will attract a different type of demographic eg. What is their reason for being at the venue, does this effect gameplay or spend? If located within a shopping centre  is there guaranteed access and foot traffic for needed trading hours? Is venue located within a close vicinity of retirement villages? Is the demographic racially based? Are there seasonal workers in the area surrounding the venue? We also use analysis from census to get a grasp on the age group of the demographic, spending habits etc. Knowing all of this information leads us to better product selection

Maintain your position in the industry with the following services that we offer:

  • Manufacturer deals on the latest products
  • Trade shows
  • Product launches
  • Social networking training seminars
  • Sub committees for Marketing so your voice can be heard
  • Gaming Expo And Conventions including AGE Sydney, G2E Las Vegas
  • Bookkeeping Services
  • Venue payroll
  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Account bank reconciliation
  • HR Advice and wage payments
  • In venue promotions
  • Study Tours
  • Regular Secret Shopper visits extra than the two per year we offer FREE

Your vision for your venue deserves the best opportunity to achieve
its full potential and success.

Frontier Hospitality is a Co Operative owned by it's members and is a non profit organisation. The Co Operative uses it's resources to obtain exceptional buying power within the Hospitality and Gaming Industry. The benefits of Co-Operative Membership with Frontier Hospitality will help ensure you not only maintain your position in the marketplace but achieve the finest results possible.